Lucky gym t-shirt – Hendrix

So as part of an occasional series, I’ll be talking about t-shirts I wear.  I’m doing this because a friend has been surprised at the number of people who approach me to discuss what I’m wearing!

I’ll post this one first, as it is most recent.  I was in the gym the other day wearing my lucky gym t-shirt.  It’s lucky because I wear it in the gym all the time, and lost 3 stone while wearing it!

A really old grizzled guy with massive sideburns approached me, and said ‘I just missed the chance to see Hendrix at the Isle of Wight.  My friends went, but I was skint.  I was gutted.’

He went on to describe all the other bands he’d seen, and we realised we had a love of Pink Floyd in common.  We discussed this for quite some time, particularly the Australian Pink Floyd and their balloon kangaroo.

So there we have it – an example of the kind of chats my t-shirts cause.


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